Spring Cleaning Checklist

Apr 2, 2015 Homeowner Tips

Spring is slowly starting to arrive. With the changes in temperature, it’s time to start thinking about that cleaning checklist you’ve been putting off all winter long. As the snow melts and spring rainshowers commence, there are a few cleaning projects that are absolutely necessary. Use this spring cleaning checklist to get a headstart on your home, preventing greater problems down the road.

The Bathroom

  • Empty everything in the cabinets, drawers, and vanity. Wash the inside shelves and replace things neatly. Throw away anything you no longer have need of
  • Thoroughly clean the tub, toilet, and sink. Look for signs of mold growth in these areas. If there is any mold, take care of it immediately, assessing whether it is a small enough problem for you to take care of yourself.
  • Wash the window. Take off the screen and wash it thoroughly.
  • Reseal grout if needed to prevent water damage in your bathroom.

Living Room

  • Clean the vents and vent covers. Dust, hair, and other factors can gather here, not only irritating allergies, but leading to fire hazards as well.
  • Watch out for other potential fire hazards. While these might seem like simple or unnecessary fixes, it’s better to take care of them now rather than needing fire damage restoration services down the road.
  • Dust appliances, walls, shelves, and everything in between.
  • Clean the windows, removing screens to thoroughly clean.
  • Sort through your magazines and books. If there are any out of date magazines, or books you just don’t read anymore get rid of them.
  • Wash down the doors and walls.


  • Remove all items from drawers and cabinets, cleaning the space and organizing.
  • Clean crumbs. This is important in the toaster, under the stove, and behind the fridge.
  • Scrub grease from the stove. Not only will this look better, it will help reduce a common fire hazard from your home.
  • Clean out your fridge. Throw away expired food, defrost the freezer, clean the coils on the fridge.

Laundry Room

  • Wash the laundry sink and all around, scrubbing to avoid hard water spots
  • Clean both the washer and dryer. With the dryer, clean the lint trap. Consider hiring someone to clean the dryer vent to prevent the potential of fire damage.
  • Reseal grout, in addition to this, check for leaks from the washer, stopping these before problems arise.

This basic spring cleaning checklist can help get you started. Start cleaning your home to prevent fire, mold, and water damage. If upon spring cleaning you discover you need disaster restoration services, call J&L Restoration to help mend your home: 517-322-3000

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