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Mold Remediation

There are over 1,000 mold species common in the United States according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Mold will grow indoors where there is moisture. Any excessive mold growth can lead to increased allergies, toxicity and structural damage to your home. It’s important to treat mold in the beginning phases before it turns into a big problem. At J&L Restoration and Cleaning, our mold removal experts are licensed for proper handling, cleaning, reconstruction and disposal of mold.
Signs of mold:

  • Problems with allergies (sneezing, sore eyes, nasal congestion, and runny nose)
  • Smell a mold odor
  • Black, gray-brown, gray-green, or white spots or white thread-like strands. Mold behind wallpaper can appear orange, pink, or purple.
  • If you’ve had long-term moisture issues, you most likely have mold in your house.
  • Any surface abnormalities like peeling, cracking, warping, bubbling, bowed or bulging.

There are other signs of mold that are more difficult to identify; If you suspect that you have mold, contact a professional mold remediation expert immediately.