Labor Day Fire Safety

Sep 2, 2015 Homeowner Tips

Labor Day weekend is coming up! With an extra day off, we have time to shop Labor Day sales, barbecue, catch up on home projects or even just relax. We want everyone to have a safe holiday so to avoid any mishaps we’ve put together a list of the top causes of fires so you’ll know how to safely prepare against them.

Grill Fires

A fire caused from grilling happens more than you think. In fact, 5,700 grill-related fires occur each year in homes. They most often start when mishandling the igniting of the grill with a spark, ember or flame. Mechanical issues such as broken containers or pipes are sometime present in the grill and also put you at risk of fire. Take preventative measures by checking the grill’s condition before using it, making sure your grilling space is free of branches or rooftops and by taking extra caution when cooking with coals, charcoals or ashes.

Smoking Fires

Smoking fires are the leading cause of fatal fires. These fires are most commonly started by improperly putting out cigarettes after smoking. With the summer weather being so hot, the ground is drier. This causes flame to spread quickly. The West Coast has been especially dry this summer and as a result is experiencing blazing fires. For this reason, it’s important to be extra careful when putting out your cigarettes.


If you’re planning on doing some camping over the weekend, make sure you safely build your campfires. This means removing any grass, twigs and branches within a 10-foot diameter around the site. The fire should sit in a pit about one foot deep surrounded by rocks. When putting out fires drench all ashes and embers with water and stir them about with a shovel. Make sure the fire site is totally extinguished before leaving. Doing this will help prevent any forest fires from occurring.

Whatever you decide to do this Labor Day weekend, make sure you are safe and properly prepared. Be familiar with things that put you at risk of fire so you know how to properly avoid it.

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