Identifying Mold in Your Home

Mar 13, 2015 Homeowner Tips

Preventing mold in your home is essential, but sometimes not always possible. If you are moving into a new home, it is always wise to have an inspection done, no matter the home’s age. Even with the most diligent inspector, there is a chance things will fall through the cracks, or may not truly manifest themselves until later. Make sure you can properly identify the signs of mold in your home, identifying it before the problem becomes too advanced.

The Odor

Many times a mold problem gets out of control because it is growing in a place that is difficult to see or even not visited very often. In situations such as this, the first sign of mold you notice will most likely be the smell.

The smell of mold is very distinct, especially when contained within the walls of your home. Learn to recognize this mildew smell and take action. Don’t ignore the problem, leaving it to fester. If you smell mold in your home, look for the physical signs too.

The Look


Mold damage doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to become a large problem. Recognizing the look of mold at it’s beginning stages could save you a lot of trouble over time. Before you need professional mold removal help, look for it at these beginning stages.

When it first starts to grow, mold is often mistaken for dirt or soot. Many people will just ignore its presence in these situations, figuring they will clean it up later. Taking care of it at this stage will prevent mold damage from overtaking your home. Learn to recognize the look of mold on the carpet, under the sink, and anywhere else it may grow.

Water Damage

If you see signs of water damage or leaks in your home, there’s a good chance mold is just around the corner. Learn to better recognize when you need professional water damage cleanup help versus when you can take care of the problem yourself.

If you do cleanup the water damage on your own, it is essential you take care of the problem completely. In most situations, it is unwise to cleanup large scale water damage on your own. Professionals can help not only remove the damage, but prevent mold from growing, or eliminate any that has started to grow.

Learn how to better identify mold growth in your home. While prevention is key, identification is so crucial, especially if you aren’t yet familiar with your home. Be aware of these obvious signs, and learn to better protect yourself.

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