How to Prepare Your Pet for a Natural Disaster

Oct 15, 2015 Homeowner Tips

Prepare Ahead of Time

  • Put together a disaster kit
  • Find a safe place to stay
  • Plan for your pet if you’re not going to be home

If You Evacuate, Take Your Pet With You

  • Evacuate early
  • If it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for your pet

Take Extra Precaution if You Stay Home

  • Block off unsafe places, such as nooks and crawlspaces
  • Move any potentially dangerous items.
  • Keep your pets indoors
  • Designate a “safe room” with all of the supplies you will need in it.
  • Watch the tv or listen to the radio for any news

After a Disaster

  • Keep your pet safe, don’t let it roam loose. If moving around keep your animal on a leash.
  • Be patient with your animals. They will be stressed out from the change,  give them time before pushing them back into their regular routine.
  • If there was any type of disaster that could have led to animals seeking refuge in your backyard make sure this is taken care of right away. Wild animals can pose a threat to you and your pet.

Be Prepared for Everyday Emergencies

  • Make sure you have a trusted neighbor or friend who can care for your pet if you’re not able to get home to it. If your pet has any special needs or diet restrictions make sure they are aware of this.
  • If you use a pet-sitting service ask if they are able to help in case of emergencies.
  • If there is a heatwave have someone care for your animals immediately, overexposure to heat can be incredibly harmful to pets.
  • If the electricity goes out take your pets with you when you leave. Look for a pet-friendly hotel they can stay in with you.

It is important that disaster plans are ready for your pets in case of emergency. It is also crucial that your family has its own disaster planned ready. Be prepared with food, water, and all necessary supplies in the case of an emergency. If you have any questions about natural disaster preparation or after-disaster restoration give J&L Restoration a call, The most comforting call you can make.

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